An acquihire is when a company is bought primarily for the skills and expertise of its staff, rather than the actual product or services.

What is an acquihire?

An acquihire is a type of acquisition where a company purchases another company primarily for the talent and expertise of its employees, rather than for its products or technology.

How does an acquihire differ from an acquisition?

An acquihire differs from a traditional acquisition in that the primary motivation is to acquire the talent and expertise of the employees, rather than the assets or technology of the company.

What are the benefits of an acquihire for the acquiring company?

Benefits of an acquihire for the acquiring company may include gaining access to a talented and experienced team, acquiring specific skills or expertise, and potentially faster product development or market expansion.

What are the benefits of an acquihire for the acquired company/team?

Benefits for the acquired company/team may include a significant financial payout, the opportunity to join a larger and potentially more stable company, and the ability to continue working on a product or technology they are passionate about.

What happens to an employee's equity when their company is Acquihired?

The terms of the equity of employees are generally determined by the acquihire agreement, but it is common for employees to receive a payout based on their equity in the company and potentially be offered employment with the acquiring company.

How does the process of an acquihire typically work?

The process of an acquihire typically starts with the acquiring company identifying a company or team they are interested in acquiring. This is followed by negotiations between the two companies, during which the terms of the acquihire, including the purchase price and the employment terms of the acquired employees, are agreed upon. Once the terms are agreed upon, the acquiring company will then proceed with the acquisition.

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